Adobe Certified Expert in Dreamweaver CS6

It took a little longer than the estimated twelve months to get there, and with more than a few new website projects under my belt, I have finally become an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in Dreamweaver CS6.

With a passing score of 98% it would seem to appear that the last few years of work on real world projects have certainly grounded my knowledge and expertise.  Not only in the use of the Dreamweaver toolset but in the discipline of website design and development itself.

During my studies for the Dreamweaver ACE exam I have also been developing extensively with the Adobe Business Catalyst online business platform. Business Catalyst, bought by Adobe in 2009, is a Content Management System (CMS) that is tightly integrated with the Dreamweaver development environment.

Having advanced my skills in Dreamweaver has only helped to enhance any Business Catalyst development I have undertaken.

Web Design Master – sights still set.

An accreditation in Adobe Flash is my next target. Although in this fast-moving world of web development, it is hard to envision what will constitute a Web Design Master for Adobe in the coming months.