Hi internet, please help me fund my new personal design project on threadless by voting and or buying a t-shirt. I only need to sell nineteen more shirts to get the project fully funded and printed.

This design takes its inspiration from both the Blaxploitation poster art of the 70’s and the iconic image of Che Guevara from 1960. Using the image of legendary Australian bushranger Ned Kelly as a base for the design.

I illustrated the shadow areas and took the design into illustrator to be reworked, exaggerating the beard slightly and added the earring tunnel.

The final piece was the Super Fly afro pick.

This image will work awesomely as a tee or a wall print. Please vote for this design cause I’m dying to get the red tee made up!

Thanks a million, in advance!

SF d-)=

The development process of this project can be found on Behance.

Ned Kelly Original Hipster