Thoughts on the demise of the Adobe Touch apps

It was certainly a shock to lose such promising apps, especially after integrating them into my workflow. Funnily enough I found Collage the most useful app of the lot as it provides a quick way to build a mood board while working on design concepts.

One thing that I think may have been overlooked in this discussion is the arrival of Windows 8, which brings the touch experience to the desktop, laptop, and tablet form factors. CES 2013 has brought with it a raft of new devices which are far more powerful than an iPad or Android from a Creative professional’s standpoint as they can run the full-blown CS apps.

Most of these new Windows “Tablet” devices come with a highly accurate stylus as well which negates the need for purpose-built touch apps such as PS Touch. I know if I had the choice between a cutdown version of Photoshop or the “Real Photoshop” in a similar form factor with the accuracy and pressure sensitivity of a stylus, I would choose the later.

So with the above in mind I think it’s only a matter of time before most of us get tired of carrying around multiple devices and paying for apps that only provide a small fraction of the creative options that a desktop class application provides.

The freedom that iOS and Android tablets provide will be short lived.